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The INTEGRATE family

The company's most valuable capital is its employees. On our journey together space is needed for individual wishes and suggestions. We offer this space as the objectives of our employees are part of the company. Together we can move forward.


Almost all of our employees have been with us for many years. Our team reflects this strong cohesion. A sympathetic ear for business and personal concerns. Our hearts are in the right place. That is INTEGRATE.

Business is not the same everywhere. Our strategy is healthy growth, that we can represent and that is consistent with our values. We are all about respect, as only a cooperation at eye level is a long-term cooperation.


Whether as a developer on site at the customer, in the back office or business development, INTEGRATE offers its employees an exciting and diverse work environment.

Our employees enjoy a lot of flexibility and are given the opportunity to train further according to their strengths and interests.

Collegiality is central to our philosophy. Our employees are part of a family.



Our employees are committed, interested and ambitious.

Our pool of employees is a colorful mix. From the junior developer to the senior, who has not had enough of exciting projects even after reaching retirement age. That is what it's all about.

INTEGRATE is so diversified that the cross-sector exchange of experience and knowledge is also possible.

We are always open to spontaneous applications. As a junior we offer you the opportunity to work together with experienced developers. Exciting projects with our longstanding customers will help you collect skills for the future.

Our employees all have a bachelor's or master's degree or are in the process of obtaining one.


Mitarbeitende Integrate Gina Roos und Bojana Popovic
  • Gina Roos
  • +41 41 322 10 36
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