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Expertise of INTEGRATE

Over the years INTEGRATE Informatik AG has increasingly focused on the technologies Java and .NET. Specialization developed on account of the training and experience background of the three founding members. Some mandates, which are still running, date back to the training years of management. In addition to new programming languages our customers often inquire about expertise in high-level programming. INTEGRATE lends a hand, when there is a demand for knowledge of C, C++, C# or Java. An in-depth understanding of these languages, on which current frameworks or entire libraries are built, is to be found with us thanks to the many years of experience.

Technology has developed and so has INTEGRATE. The two main topics Java/.NET have long been joined by expertise in the field of databases. Be it MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL or MongoDB, INTEGRATE knows a suitable expert for your concern.

If it is a matter of connecting a new database to an existing ERP, a software developer from INTEGRATE will create a suitable interface.

New programming languages, mobile apps or frameworks mean we have to constantly stay on the ball and continuously develop our own expertise further. Our software developers are increasingly working with modern technologies like React, Docker, Angular or installing a cloud environment for customers.

Experience from diverse sectors like mechanical engineering, banking, pharmaceutical industry, retail trade or insurance mean broad and profound expertise.

To recruit suitable personnel to fill our customers vacancies we are constantly on the lookout for Java developers and .NET software engineers to support us with their expertise. Junior software developers are also most welcome to present their CVs to us. We are particularly interested in modern programming languages, frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js, Golang or mobile technologies like Kotlin, Android Studio and knowledge of XML layouts.