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Our field of activity

INTEGRATE, established in 1996, is an owner-managed software engineering house with the three mainstays software development, consulting and contracting. Our employees have taken on a wide range of tasks in recent years. An excerpt from our field of activity illustrates that the challenges that are brought to INTEGRATE are diverse, varied and often very complex.

Let's get started

projects of the integrate

    • Automated testing at the workplace
    • Interface to competitor software
    • Database environment Caritas KulturLegi
    • System link to payment services
    • Counter analysis and data processing
    • Integrated notification service
    • Mobile application Fundvelo
    • Embedded development of analytical instruments
    • Development of data-exchange platform
    • Development of e-learning platform

    • Development of machine dashboard
    • User interface for Smart Factory
    • Software for real estate management
    • Development of dataflow management system
    • Data import building management system


  • Viviane Zogg
  • +41 41 322 10 31
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.