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Dashboard for Data Analysis

An after-sales dashboard that offers an overview of machine states at any time. In this dashboard diverse data and states of machines being used by our client's customer are visualized.

The data is accessible around the world at any time via a web browser. Thanks to the use of this system, machine problems like stoppages can be promptly recognized and the cause of a machine alarm determined from afar.  Mechanics can also read off detailed machine data like the temperature of axles or the rotation speed of individual parts. The after-sales dashboard presents the current state of the production situation at a glance. Which customers have the greatest problems, which machines are producing error-free and which are idle? The world map based on Google Maps provides an overview. It is possible to navigate from this map to a detailed view of each machine.

Technologies and work methods used: 

  • .Net 5.1
  • JavaScript und diverse JS-Libraries
  • Bootstrap
  • Azure Cloud (SQL Server as Service, virtual Application Server)
  • Google API’s (Maps, GeoLocation, u.a.)
  • Scrum
  • C#, SQL, JavaScript, Project Management (PO, PL, REQ)


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