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Control of Diagnostic Instruments

Since the beginning of 2003 INTEGRATE has worked closely with a customer in the pharmaceutical industry. The cooperation started with the maintenance of existing software, developed for analyzers.

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Fully Automated Commissioning Lines

Our customer is one of the leading meat processers in Switzerland. We were entrusted to realize a software solution for deep freeze commissioning lines.

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Remote Energy Readings for Meters

INTEGRATE was commissioned by a customer to develop and expand the existing headquarters for remote energy reading. Meters of different manufacturers and with different communication protocols were to be read. 

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Mechanical Engineering


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Smart Factory Web Applikation

Industry 4.0 and SmartFactory are terms which have been doing the rounds for several years now. Diverse further technologies are linked to the two terms, like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M).

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Operating Laser Machines

The challenge facing our experts was based on the many years of development of the application. Customers were increasingly having problems with the extensive and complex programming. Our developers supported the customer in modifying and simplifying the software construct and introduced new working methods.

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Dashboard for Data Analysis

An after-sales dashboard that offers an overview of machine states at any time. In this dashboard diverse data and states of machines being used by our client's customer are visualized.

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Resource Management in Banking

The abbreviation SSCA stands for System & Services Configuration and Accounting and designates a system, that enables the IT department of our banking customers to save their services and resources centrally and assign them correctly to the respective cost centers. 

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Interfaces for e-commerce platforms

INTEGRATE built interfaces for our customer, who operates three e-commerce platforms, to ensure the automatic ordering process and minimise manual effort.

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