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Smart Factory in einem grafischen Bild

Smart Factory Web Applikation

Industry 4.0 and SmartFactory are terms which have been doing the rounds for several years now. Diverse further technologies are linked to the two terms, like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M). It's not so easy to gain an overview.

INTEGRATE is involved in the development of a smart factory system with several mandates. The aim of the customer is the autonomous performance of contracts. The machines are networked with each other from production hall to offices and exchange information without human intervention. An employee creates an order on their computer and forwards this to the workshop. After a quick check the machines take over. A robot arm takes metal sheets from the cassette they are stored in and feeds it to the next work step. The employee who created the order defined whether the sheet is to be bent, pressed, cut to size or welded. The system has all the necessary specifications and processes each operation precisely. An autonomous transport device ensures transport between the individual operations, feeding the component to the right machine at the right time. INTEGRATE supports the customer in developing a user interface to operate the peripheral devices. The goal is always to create a user interface which is as manageable as possible and enables intuitive operation. Thanks to user-oriented programming the training time for new employees is shorter. Modern visualization systems and current technologies are used in the development.

Technologies and work methods used: 

  • Windows, .Net,
  • React, Docker
  • OPC-UA
  • UML, SCRUM, agile
  • SW-Architektur, Testing