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Resource Management in Banking

The abbreviation SSCA stands for System & Services Configuration and Accounting and designates a system, that enables the IT department of our banking customers to save their services and resources centrally and assign them correctly to the respective cost centers. The resources are either software or hardware and their configuration details can be managed. INTEGRATE was commissioned to construct a solution to link the bank services to application management.

If IT services are procured in the service departments of the bank, the IT department must record the expenses incurred and bill for their work. The aim of the new platform was to make cost settlement more transparent. It was also to reveal where inventory, like monitors or services, was in use.INTEGRATE developed a flexible web application based on an extendable database model. A modern, user-friendly web interface makes it easy for the users to obtain an overview of their own services and components. A monitoring system shows the availability of the application at any time, which enables better control of resources.The bank continuously develops the system further together with INTEGRATE. Topics like standardization of services and cloud are currently being processed. 

Technologies and work methods used:

  • Windows, .Net, C#
  • MS SQL Server
  • Cloud
  • UML, SCRUM, agile
  • SW-Architektur, Testing